Arkansas Awning Works
Trusted Custom Awnings for over 15 years

Arkansas Awnings is the premier custom awnings manufacturer in Arkansas, serving Arkansas and the surrounding states. Our skilled craftsmen create one of a kind canvas and metal awnings and walkway covers for commercial and residential buildings. For the last 30 years, our family has specialized in awnings, industrial fabrics and canvas goods, marine products, metal products, and auto upholstery. We have a wide range of experience we’ve applied to building awnings that stand the test of time.

Awning Services and Products

Awnings in Arkansas

Custom Awnings for Commercial Buildings

We design custom awnings out of a variety of materials and in a range of shapes and sizes. We offer awnings and canopies for commercial and residential buildings built with high quality fabrics, custom fabricated aluminum extruded frames, and heat-sealed seams.

We repair awnings

Awning and Canopy Repair

We repair and replace awning fabric and parts as needed to help keep your awnings looking fresh and vibrant and sufficiently protecting walkways, entrances, windows and outdoor spaces.

Illuminated Awning

Awning Signage

We design, manufacture, and install signage for awnings, including awning graphics and signs. We offer a range of unique products for awning signage, including illuminated awning signs.

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Residential Awnings and Enclosures

We offer residential services for awnings, retractable awnings, vertical shades, screen enclosures and porch coverings designed to suit your needs and your space.